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Our keyword is Communication

Our mission

“ By communication... Creating place to be for everyone.


We are living in globalized society in which internationalization is progressing. In this situation, the importance of human resource is more significant.

Our Services

Translation and Interpretation


We have provided translation service since 2007 that was before our incorporation.In addition to it, we provide interpretation service.

Our strength is communication service for English as well as Chinese. 


Please don’t hesitate to let us know with regards to any areas in which you want to get translation & interpretation service.

Marketing Research & Education


We offer you marketing research business which is provided in worldwide area. We can help you, when you would like to do business as a person or company in especially Asia area.


Throughout knowledge of our marketing business, we can offer educational service. We develop human resouce education program through our app "Happy Note". 

Developing"Happy Note"APP

We are developing our original "Happy Note" application.

"Happy Note" has been developed as an iPhone, Android, and Windows application, and you can enter three good things every day.


In addition, it is a very convenient application since it has a schedule management function, recording real-time weather information, and a synchronization function with Google Calendar as standard equipment.

Business startup support


Hong Kong has desirable situation to start up business. You can significantly save your tax cost. Besides Hong Kong enjoy the privilege of free port for trade business.


Speaking of the location of Hong Kong, it is very desirable. It is very close in distance with many business places in Asia area. And travel cost is very affordable due to strong competition among air companies.

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