How to setup "Waves.Exchange" APP (iOS/Android)

1. Search keyword "Waves.Exchange" at App Store/Google Play Store


App Store


Google Play Store

2. Download and install "Waves.Exchange" APP


App Store


Google Play Store

(iOS screen)

3. Open "Waves.Exchange" APP

  and tap "Create a new account"

4.Input New account information

Input "Avatar","Account name","password"and then tap "Continue"

5.Back up secret phrase

tap "Back Up Now"

6. Save your backup phrase of wallet 

*After copying, tap "I've written it down". This backup phrase is the encryption key required when restoring. Be sure to record and not tell anyone. Otherwise, the crypto currency could be lost.

7.Confirm backup phrase

Set up a backup phrase by combining each of the phrases that are listed.


When you're done, tap "confirm".

8.Create a passcode


Verify your passcode.

9.Set up how to sign in and accept the terms of Use



10.Confirm your wallet

you can use waves wallet!