HappyNote Membership


Benefits to HappyNote App Contributors

How can your contributions help?  Our future development concepts are highlighted in this video:


Happy Note App Introduction Video

Happy Note App Presentation Video


Currently we are looking for contributors/donors to support our goal to spread Happy-ness, by support the development of our app.  Supporters benefit in the following ways:

  • We provide you free advertising, listing your name and website link on our website and the “Membership Page” of the app. No minimum donation required.
  • We include your business in our referral system of available services. Contact us for more information.
  • When HappyNote begins to generate profits, we plan to extend the rewards to contributors commensurate with the support provided.

If you want to support/donate towards our efforts, we welcome your help.  There are multiple methods we can receive support:


HSBC Account Number: 809 798010 838

Bank Cord : 004


Thank you for your support of HappyNote!