About "HappyNote" application


We released "HappyNote" application.



HappyNote is a very useful application tool that helps us think in a positive way about our daily life by recording 3 good things that we did or happened in a day. 



Google Play で手に入れよう



Windows10 APP(Japanese)

Windows10 APP(English) 


In the future, we have a plan to make better use of the application by measuring and analyzing what makes us happy with using  wearable devices and other means.

With Happy Note, we would like to help people feel they are valuable and find out his or her "place to be" in the community.


Now, we are looking for your help to be a member who are willing to give financial support our HappyNote app development. As our valued members, you will have the following benefits.

 Please visit this link below Happy Note Membership