Dear more than 20,000 Users of HappyNote (HN)

Happynote English Function Features
Happynote English Function Features


Thank you very much for your continued support of HappyNote (hereafter referred to as "HN").


Since we released HN iOS/Android versions in June 2018, the cumulative number of HN downloads used by many people has finally exceeded 20,000!


(At the point of end of August 2022 : iOS/Android/Windows Total DLs)


At this moment, more than 300 people on average have downloaded HappyNote (hereafter referred to as "HN") every month.

We are very grateful and happy.


We would like to expand the circle of "Happy" to 1 million downloads of HN.

If you are happy with HN, please recommend HN to your friends and acquaintances.


HN Download Site



Today, we want to share these three topics.


1. Introduction and recommendation of "Thanks Card Activity"

2. About HN Club

3. Current Status and Future of HN




1. Introduction and Recommendation of Thanks Card Activity


HN has a "log" function.

We would like to promote "Thanks Card Activity" using this log function.


There is a famous saying, 

"There is more happiness in giving than there is in receiving


We want to aim for "co-creation" rather than "competition". 

This means we prefer Web 3.0 and DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) concept, which means win-win system, no loser.


When we express our gratitude to others, we can help them feel heart-warming.

It is an act of creating an intangible value, though it is invisible.


The "Thanks Card Activity" uses the log function of HN to write thank-you notes to people you met or connected with three months or three years ago. We thank them for using their time and simply ask them about their updates.


When doing this activity, we use our precious asset of our "time".

It is a kind of investment activity.

It is also something that everyone can do.


Even if we are bedridden, we can "give" to others through this activity.

We believe that HN can be a tool to help us do that. Because our memory is pretty shaky. We easily forget what others had done for us.


2. About the HN Club


Over the past four years, people who support HN have created a community for which we are very grateful.

Please search for the keyword "#ハッピーノート倶楽部" on Twitter.

"#ハッピーノート倶楽部" means "HN club" in Japanese.

At this moment we have such a community in Japan only.


Now there are 57 members who have shared their "3 good things" with a total of 209,324 followers.


We support this community and would like to think of measures to increase the happiness of each person in it.


We want to expand such communities not just in the Japanese area but all areas of the world.


We would like to expand the circle of happiness by finding good things and sharing them with others.


3. Current Status and Future of HN


HN is currently a diary application.

We will continue to make minor improvements to make it easier to use within the budget framework.


In the future, we would like to implement the following two values, which might be big improvement.


1) Function to measure happiness

2) Gratitude value distribution


Our staff has made a video about these features in Japanese.

This is the direction of the business version of HN. The video is about 8.5 minutes long.

For non-Japanese you can't understand verbal explanation, but you can understand by watching video through the display




We hope that HN, and all of its related projects, will serve and add value to society.

And we hope that this activity will in turn help create our place to work for others.



There are several ways you can help us.


Contributions through "HappyNote Membership



Purchase of "HappyNote Goods 

Since these are for Japanese customers, if you develop our business as agents we can work together.


Services for Corporate Customers : Digital Marketing Inside Sales 



Learning Service : Language Learning Program by HappyNote 



Products for the elderly : HappyNote Printable Version 



Thank you very much for your great help in advance!


September 25, 2022

Sean OGO, Craft Group