Information on HappyNote Membership


We released "Happy Note" application.


English version (Free Download)


     Happy Note is a very useful app that helps us think in a positive way about our daily life by recording 3 good things that happened in a day. In the future, we plan to make better use of the application by measuring and analyzing what makes us happy using wearable devices. With this application, we aim to help people feel valuable in the society and to create "place to be", to everyone related in our business, in the community and with the app.


     To help you understand where we are heading for, we made a short concept introduction video for HappyNote. Please watch.

Happy Note App Introduction Video

Happy Note App Presentation Video


Currently, we are looking for our members who are willing to support financially our activity related to the HappyNote app development. As our valued members, you will have the following benefits.


・We will list your names or links to your website on the membership page in the app, depending on your preference. This is offered to everyone who donates us regardless of the amount.



・We will offer our own referral system so that you can gain your benefit. For the details, we can communicate with you.


・When HappyNote gain profits in the future, we plan to share it with our members according to the amount of their support. (We are studying and developing the ways for it.)


We welcome your support. Please click the link below.

We accept credit cards and PayPal.



You can also transfer directly to this account.


       HSBC Account Number: 809 798010 838

       Bank Cord : 004


Furthermore you can transfer your supporting fund with Crypt Currency


Thank you so much for your kind support!