Announcing the Release of a NEW Version (ver.1.16) for Happy Note

We have just released the latest version (v.1.16) of Happy Note for iOS and Android. This version contains several convenient improvements.

Several improvements have been made on this new version.


The main improvements are:


 - "Three good things" diary is now a searchable item.

 - "Three good things" diary is now a log output target item.

 - We've integrated real-time weather information, including temperature, probability of precipitation, & atmospheric pressure, directly into the app.

 - Chinese (Simplified & Traditional) is now a language option.


The latest version (v.1.16) of "Happy Note" for iOS and Android has been released.


Explanation of newly added functions

The Newly Added Features in Detail


1. Search results include "Three good things" diary text


Unlike in previous versions of Happy Note where only the schedule came up in searches, now the full text of your diary shows up as well.



2. One-tap weather display when writing


With just one tap of an icon, you can type all the necessary weather details (temperature, probability of precipitation, & atmospheric pressure with time) of your current location in the diary.


This function is great for health & wellness management.


3. Feel free to use Chinese!


Both Simplified and Traditional Chinese are now available as language options. You can switch between different languages on the Settings page.











 This new release is currently for iPhone OS and Android.


Thank you for using Happy Note!


Happy Note Development Team