Writing Out Your Anxieties Helps Restore Your Mental Balance

Tense Situation in Ukraine 


In late February, Russia launched a military invasion against Ukraine.


Ukraine has been resisting and fighting in various parts of the country.


Such emergencies often lead to the fall of stock prices.


This time, the Russian military action triggered the worldwide share price falls.


In addition, there is now a possibility that Russian national bond, which is the debt of Russia, will turn into a piece of worthless paper.


Even in Japan, the war is not an event isolated from our own life. The value of stocks, bonds, and other financial assets has also fallen, casting a shadow over our daily lives.


Write Out Your Feelings of Anxiety


At times, we feel a sense of uncertainty in everyday life.


When it happens, why don’t you take time to think about what you are feeling anxious about?


Then, on a piece of paper, just write down whatever comes to your mind.


If you write them out and verbalize them, those anxieties become visible to your eyes, and you might discover something new.


You may notice, “So THIS is my thinking pattern”, and come up with a concrete solution to your anxiety.


Even if you couldn’t find a solution, just knowing what bothers you specifically can help you understand the situation you are in and you will get relieved.


So I recommend you to write out your uneasy feelings..


Mental Stability With Happy Note


I manage my assets by investing in financial instruments, such as investment trust, on the condition that I hold them for the long term.


Although I believe in the buy-and-hold strategy, when the market becomes unstable as it has been recently, I sometimes feel uneasy about my holding financial assets.


As that anxiety grows, I may end up selling the financial assets, which may ruin my asset management plan.


To prevent it, I use Happy Note.


I would write down my anxious feelings about the dropping stock price, and why I feel anxious when it happens.


I write them out in my Happy Note to settle my worries.


Thanks to this method, I have been able to maintain my mental balance and continue to manage my assets.


Why don't you start using Happy Note today with this new approach?


 Author – Annyui

This investor and blogger studies finance while getting treatment for a second-grade mental illness. “Annyui’s financial blog" feed is now available (Japanese only). His introduction page (Japanese only) is here.