Focus on What You Have and Live a Life with a Light Heart

Put Yourself in a Good Mood


When do you think you are in a bad mood?


It might be when you can’t get enough attention from people around you to care or worry about you, although you are craving for it. That would make some of us feel very miserable.


If this is your case, just relax your shoulders, relax yourself.


When we expect too much from the people around us, our mood is easily get affected from their behaviors.


However, if we are able to learn how to take care of our own mood without depending on others, that will result in a higher level of self-respect, and we have more chances to lead a happier life.


See “What You Have”, Not “What You Don’t Have”


Try to create a habit of focusing on the positive side of what happens to you. Focus on what makes you happy. For example:


・You had a pleasant walk

・You cooked a delicious meal

・You took a long bath and felt refreshed


If we concentrate on “what we have”, especially on “what makes us happy”, we will become grateful.


And when we are grateful, it brings a feeling of contentment, and we are more likely to feel happy and uplifted.

On the contrary, if we start counting “what we don’t have”, we will more likely to complain and get frustrated, so try to keep looking for “what you have” whenever possible.



Happy Note Helps You Stay in a Good Mood Everyday


Happy Note is just the right tool to help you develop a habit of finding “what makes you happy”.


You can write down three things that made you happy for the day. This is a good practice to focus on “what we have”.


When you reach to a point where you can concentrate on “what you have”, you can learn and realize new things in life, and possibly you will get less irritated.


As people around you notice you are in a good mood with a smiley face, it spreads to them as well.


And if those around you are all in a good mood and become amiable, in turn, you can stay happy and contented.


So let’s use Happy Note to widen your circle of cheerfulness.


Writer – Ennui (An investor blogger, who has Level 2 mental disability and is studying money while treating his illness. He runs “Ennui's Money Blog”. Click here to visit his self-introduction page.)