Assets and happiness can be created

Strong Stock Market


The stock market prices have been rising recently. 


Market prices have been rising up, so much so that the term “corona bubble” has been coined.


The value of assets such as the value of stocks which I own also have been increasing steadily.


Having more assets means less anxiety about money for the future and gives me much joy, so I feel happy every time I see the stock company statements.


Three methods to create assets


Do you know how to create assets?


There are three simple methods.


Increase income


Decrease expenditure


Increase the money you already have


The first method is to increase your usable money though a pay rise or income from a side job. When we think of ‘creating assets’, these methods come to mind. 


The second method is to stop wasting money, doing so will leave you with more money. It has the same effect as ‘increasing income’, in the sense that your available money increases.


The third method is investment. By increasing your money through investment, your money will increase. You may have heard of the system, such as NISA or iDeCo. Because of these systems, investments have become more common these days.


These three methods to create assets are effective even if using only one of them, and when combined, the effect is much greater.


If you increase the amount of money through the first and second methods, then increase the money via the third method, your assets will grow steadily.


However, it is difficult to manage all three new methods at once, so I recommend trying only one first.


The way I use my Happy Note


I write down in Happy Note the emotional ups and downs that tend to happen when managing assets.


The market has ups and downs.


At the same time, my emotions go up and down.


In this case, if you are run by emotion and trade assets, you usually fail to do good trades.


Controlling emotion is important, and to control my emotion, I write down my emotional ups and downs in Happy Note which calms me down.


Happy Note can be used differently for each person.


You decide how to use it.


Investment data into spread sheet software.


Your emotion into Happy Note.


It is very beneficial to use Happy Note in this way.


 Author – Annyui

This investor and blogger studies finance while getting treatment for a second-grade mental illness. “Annyui’s financial blog" feed is now available (Japanese only). His introduction page (Japanese only) is here.