Use the " Happiness saving ledger " to enjoy a fulfilling life

Muscle training at the gym


It has been 11 months since starting exercising at the gym. 


The reason for exercising at the gym is “to get professional training”, “to exercise efficiently”, and “to maintain motivation”.


The purpose of exercise is to build muscle.


There are other purposes such as for improving health and dieting, but really my real motive is “I want to get a lean muscular body and look good”. 


After 11 months, when I got on the body composition monitor, my muscle mass had increased and my body fat percentage had decreased.


I am starting to get pretty good results and I’m enjoying the exercise more and more.


“Increasing money through saving” and “increasing muscle through exercise” are both important


Everyone knows that money is very important.


If you have money, it increases the options in your life.


<Example: Education>

・Financially unstable – your only option is public school

・Financially stable – private school can be an option as well


<Example: Lunchtime>

・Financially unstable – can only choose a bowl of gyudon

・Financially stable – can choose BBQ meat set lunch as an option


So, with more money, your choices and the possibility of a happy life increase.


Therefore, “increasing money through saving” is important.


Also “increasing muscle through exercise” is the same.


Muscles are the same as money; you can increase them and thereby live happily.


You feel a big difference from the benefit of having increased muscle, especially when you get older.


Without adequate muscle – when you get sick and are hospitalized for a month – you will become bedridden.


If you have been increasing muscle through exercising – if you get sick and are hospitalized for a month – you can be discharged and return to your original life


The difference between being bedridden or being able to return to your original life are huge. 


Muscles are necessary for a self-reliant life when older. 


Therefore both “increasing money through saving” and “increasing muscle through exercise” are important aspects in life.


Happy Note is like a "Happiness saving ledger"


Actually, Happiness can be saved


If you have saved happiness, when facing sadness, saved happiness can overcome sadness. 


If you have lots of happiness saved, you can overcome small encounters with sadness.


Just as “saving money” and “saving muscles”, it is important to save happiness.


And the app that can store and check the happiness you have saved is Happy Note.


Because every day I have been writing “three positive things that happened on that day”, I can look back at my history in Happy Note.


You can trace back all your saved happy moments.


So, Happy Note is indeed a “happiness saving ledger”.


To enjoy a fulfilling life and be prepared to encounter difficulty, would you like to start using Happy Note?

Author – Annyui


This investor and blogger studies finance while getting treatment for a second-grade mental illness.

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