Tsubasa’s Happy Note Diary3

Tsubasa’s Happy Note Diary


Everyone, recently the dawn is breaking earlier and earlier.

Hello. I am a cancer survivor & blogger Tsubasa.


This time I will talk about the “Past Entries, Looking Back Function”. 

Happy Note displays past entries by using “Function Log”.


Clicking on November 10th 2019

My son recommended Happy Note, I started using it today.

What three positive things can I think of?

·       I am alive

·       I tidied my garden

·       I went shopping with my son

Are these things good enough?

[That’s right. That was my first time using Happy Note, so I was unsure about what to write down]


Clicking on December 18th 2019

In the morning, for the first time I bought Poppo chips at the karaage shop. Mmmm, so delicious. I am happy!

At lunch time, I drank a McShake. It was vanilla flavor.

The drive through is very convenient.

In the evening, I ate Yakitori. The chicken skin Yakitori is the best!

[Somehow, it was all about food. I feel embarrassed]


Clicking January 10th 2020

Today is my cancer follow-up day.

I was told “the follow-up visits finished today”. I am very Happy.

I bought an American hot dog at a convenience store for the first time in a while. I love the moment when you put the ketchup and mustard on.

For three days the stray cat Hachiware Chibichan has allowed me to pat his head.

“He’s so cute”

[I will remember this day forever. I was able to put an end to a long fight with cancer]

Looking at “Function Log” is so handy.

Because it is a mobile APP, you can view it whenever and wherever.

You can check it easily.


These are my favorite application functions.

So, what positive things will be waiting for me tomorrow?

Be happy everyday with three a little happy moment.