A promise with myself - something to cherish

Feelings coming to have after using HappyNote


It's been 10 months since I have started using HappyNote.


In the last 10 months, I feel that my self-affirmation has risen sharply.


I started studying for qualification exams and physical exercising for the period. And I have written my footsteps record in HappyNote.


And I repeated the work of keeping records in HappyNote every day. I found out a kind of feeling began to emerge.


"I thought I was a loser. But it's not true. I CAN continue studying and exercising so hard!"」


I have cherished such a feeling.


I had had a low self-esteem, a lack of good self-affirmation. Now it is a big change.


Confidence starts from believing in ourselves


The fastest way to build confidence is to increase our self-affirmation.


How do we cultivate our confidence?


The answer - To keep promise with yourself.


"Get up early tomorrow"

"I will finish reading this book within a week"

"I will lose 1kg in a month for my diet"


If we keep our promise with ourselves, our confidence will continue to grow.


On the other hand if we break our promise with ourselves, our confidence will continue to diminish.


"I couldn't get up again ..."

"I couldn't read the book after all ..."

"Instead of losing weight, I gained weight ..."


This doesn't give you confidence.


If we continue betraying ourselves, we can't believe in ourselves. Then we never have confidence.


"Confidence (自信)" in Japanese characters conveys the idea of "believing in ourselves".


Confidence absolutely needs to keep promise with ourselves. "Yes" means "yes". "No" means "No".


If we keep our promise with ourselves, our confidence will continue to grow.


And this kind of confidence enhances our self-affirmation.


I will continue to use HappyNote


For the last 10 months, I have written my log in HappyNote every day.


In return HappyNote gives me a wonderful gift - feeling of self-affirmation.


"Let's use HappyNote to be happy"


If you write with that feeling, HappyNote will respond to your feeling.


I will continue to use Happy Note to maintain and enhance self-affirmation.

And HN shall give me greater sense of happiness.


Author – Annyui


This investor and blogger studies finance while getting treatment for a second-grade mental illness.

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