Finally finish very thick workbook

Having worked one by one with this workbook...


In September I will take a qualification exam for Certified Specialist of Level 2 Financial Planner (FP).


The exam day is approaching, and I am terribly busy with the preparation.


I selected a workbook at this final preparation. But the book has a lot of contents and very thick.


The book contains 1,140 questions. It is not easy to solve all practice questions.


"Is it possible for me to finish all of them...so much amount?"


At first, I was very anxious.


The amount is so large that I don’t feel like I'm finished with it.


Even though I had been anxious, I proceeded carefully one by one every day.


Finally, I arrived at the last 1,140th practice question. I have completed this thick workbook!


The fact I finished this thick workbook gave me confidence that I am ready for exam with all my best.


Accumulation of small things takes big amount!


The power of daily accumulation is amazing.


Even if you only do 5 minutes practice a day, it leads to about 30 hours in 1 year!


It is only 5 minutes a day, but it is amazing.


If we establish a just small habit and accumulate our effort day by day, it will be a big result eventually.


And even if we put our strength in the short term and do a lot of time only once, we are not very close to the habitual long-term accumulation.


No matter how hard we try without sleeping for 24 hours a day, we can no longer catch up with those who have accumulated 5 minutes every day for 1 year.


Even it can never be done in one day with all 1,140 questions of the workbook. But if we work hard day by day, it will eventually end.


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Would you like to get excited?


Rome was not built in a day...Nothing can happen in one day.


So is the workbook.


So is our happiness.


Important to find out small happiness day by day. Not necessary to get big things.


Starting from the small happiness, it can develop bit by bit.


Why don't you try Happy Note so that you can build up your accumulation of happiness?




Author – Annyui


This investor and blogger studies finance while getting treatment for a second-grade mental illness. Annyui’s financial blog feed is now available. His introduction page is here.