Benefit of preparing rice everyday


I prepare the rice everyday


I prepare the rice everyday at a Psychiatric day care.


Psychiatric day care is a treatment facility for people with mental disabilities.


I wash the rice every morning, so everyone can eat together at lunch time.


Actually, it doesn’t matter who prepares rice, it can be the residents or the staffs. 


One morning, I was asked by the staff, “Can you prepare the rice today?”, so I did.


I kept volunteering I would say “I can prepare the rice today as well!”, before I knew it, I become the person in charge of preparing the rice.


Since then I have been preparing the rice every morning for more than one year, except when I’m unable to go to the facility.


The importance of so called "Routine work"


For routine work we can make use of set procedures for each step, leading to great results.


When you set up routine work, it’s easier to take action.


For example, after getting up in the morning, washing your face, drinking a cup of water, going to the toilet, brushing your teeth and so on, this is routine work.


Without this routine, it is hard to get motivated to do anything.


“I am awake, but I don’t know what to do today…”

“I am reluctant to do anything…”

“I should just keep sleeping…”

When you feel this way, it’s hard to be motivated to act.


But when regular routine tasks like “washing my face first, after getting up” have been set, it gives me a reason to get up.


Preparing rice at the Psychiatric day care is part of my routine.


I use this routine such as preparing rice at Psychiatric day care as my motivation to go there and attend other activities and events.


Use Happy Note everyday


As part of your routine work, I recommend using HappyNote App.


You can think of Happy Note as a bullet point diary app.


Because of its bullet point style, it is easy to write down your routine and it can be done in just a few minutes per day.


It’s like a diary, so you can use it every day.


It’s so simple to use every day, it is suitable to be used as part of your everyday routine.


For each step leading to great results in your life.


For giving us strong motivation to take action.


Would you like to start using Happy Note?


Author – Annyui


This investor and blogger studies finance while getting treatment for a second-grade mental illness. Annyui’s financial blog feed is now available. Her introduction page is here.