Finding something to be happy about

It is all right to be negative!

Would you like to “find something to be glad about” with Happy Note?


Finding something to be happy about”

Do you know the animated World Masterpiece Theater show “The Story of Pollyanna, Girl of Love”?

The idea of “Finding something to be happy about” comes from this show.

Even though there are difficult and painful things in life, with this outlook “finding something to be glad about” you can gain joy and have a happy life.


This outlook is very positive, right?

In fact, I am fighting against mental illness right now.

Also, I have a naturally negative personality.

But I really want to fill my life with positivity.

I want to overcome negativity and be positive.

I always used to think about this.

I was thinking it would be great if there was such an opportunity.

I feel great admiration for the main character in “The Story of Pollyanna, Girl of Love”, despite hardships she finds a positive way to live by “finding something to be happy about”


Happy Note

One day, I found it!

The APP that can help me “find something to be happy about”!

As I always do, I was checking on the popular social network site Twitter.

Then I came across a follower introducing a certain mobile APP that claims “You can become positive by just writing down three positive things that had happened that day before going to sleep.”


The APP is the free mobile APP called Happy Note.

I was immediately interested in Happy Note.

Straight away I wanted to check out this APP.

According to that follower (named “Tsubasa” who blogs on this site), the basic way to use it, is to write down three positive things that had happened that day in the APP.

It seems not too difficult at all.

I was captivated “This is it!”

I thought “writing down three positive things that had happened that day in the APP” is like “finding something to be happy about” in “The Story of Pollyanna, Girl of Love”

I opened the App Store immediately and downloaded Happy Note on my iPhone which I use every day (there is also an Android version).


I started to use it

With an excited heart I started to use Happy Note.

The first impression when seeing Happy Note’s home screen was “it has a cute and gentle design”.

It is simple, but its tone gives a heartwarming touch, it makes me feel calm.

Carefully examining the home screen, I can see there are three lines spaced at the top part of the page.

It has an itemization style to write down the things that were positive in these three lines one by one.

It’s great that it has an intuitively easy to understand design.

Well then what shall I write.


Normally if I was asked to write “positive things” it would be a little difficult, as I usually do not think about such things.

In addition, there are three things not just one, so it’s a little difficult.

I carefully think about it and slowly one by one, I was able to write down three things.

What I wrote in on the first day is following.

1.  I went to the library in the morning and studied my Financial Planner Level 3 course until the evening

2.   I made a visit to my grandmother

3.   I started to use Happy Note

I think it took me at least five minutes to write down these three things.


It can be a little difficult to come up with “positive things” easily.

But after writing them down, a touch of happiness bubbled up.

Even for me “something to be happy about” exists!

Until then because of my negative personality, I would think “there can be no positive things in my life”.

I came to understand that even I can find positive things, so my life became fun, I could have a happy life.

Little by little, this made me feel motivated, it has now lasted fifty-three days as of writing this article.

If it was not enjoyable, I would not have last this long, right?

To sum up, it is so easy and fun to use Happy Note.


Would you like to “find something to be happy about”?

 “It is impossible because I am a negative person”

Do you think like that?

Please be assured.

Even for a negative person, Happy Note can make a difference.

In fact, I want this APP to be tried by negative thinking people.

If I can use it, so can you (Haha).

The first day, it took me five minutes to write down three “positive things”.

But as I continued using Happy Note every day, the time became shorter and shorter.

Now if there is just one or two minutes I can complete writing down my thoughts.


So much so, that I was able to think of many “positive things” one after another.

I think of so many things 3 lines just are not enough.

Do you not think this shows great improvement?

Did I become a little closer to someone positive like the main character in “The Story of Pollyanna, Girl of Love”?

It is so rewarding changing from negative to positive thinking.

The more positive you become, the more your days become enriched with joy.

Would you like to “find something to be glad about” through using Happy Note?


Author – Annyui


This investor and blogger studies finance while getting treatment for a second-grade mental illness. “Annyui’s financial blog feed is now available. His introduction page is here.