When I Discovered Happy Note

 When I Discovered Happy Note


It was on the night of November 10th, 2019

My son had recommended it to me.


He told me that I should install Happy Note.


I asked, “What is that?”

It keeps you from becoming negative.

Helps deal with stress, apparently.


I installed it from Google Play.

It was free, of course.


That night, just before going to sleep, I tried to enter three positive things that had happened that day.


I struggled.

“Anything positive,” I asked.


But interestingly, you can find some, if you give it some thought.


I entered,


1st positive entry … I was alive.

2nd positive entry … I straightened out my yard.

3rd positive entry … I went shopping with my son.


It’s interesting how things can seem really good when you put it into words.


I instantly fell in love with the app.


It Becomes A Routine

Each day, I looked forward to the evening.


In the beginning, it took time to come up with three positive things.


But now I can enter them quickly.

Not only that, there are easily more than three.


I survived cancer, and as I mentioned in my blog, I am not in the best physical condition.


Honestly, I had believed that I was less fortunate than my friends around me.


Even so, it makes me appreciate that “there are still positive things”.




I came to realize that I could still be happy no matter what my circumstances were.


Around this time, I could see my negative thoughts changing to positive thoughts.


For me, that was a huge transformation.


How To Use Happy Note

Happy Note has


Function Note, Search, Setting.


But I had never used them.


I figured it would be a waste if I didn’t use them so I searched online to figure out how for the first time.


   Syncs With Calendar

If you enter events on Google calendar,


Then it will show up in the blank at the bottom of “positive things” of Happy Note.


This is handy.

I have been using it since.


Function Log

 You can see your past entries based on the interval you choose.


So I set one day before, one week before, and one month before.


   Function Clock display

If you tap the “clock icon”, it will automatically show up.


In the end, I decided to use Happy Note as below.


Now I can keep track of what I did on that day!


Enter the 1st positive entry

Enter the 2nd positive entry

Enter the 3rd positive entry

Going to ***hospital … automatically displayed from Google calendar


10:03-11:12 shopping … enter manually

13:30-14:23 ***hospital … enter manually

18:26-20:02 studying for book-keeping … enter manually

22:15-22:34 see my daughter … enter manually


My Transformation

As mentioned before, this has helped me to keep moving with a positive outlook.


I got married at age 24.


Experienced ataxia and was diagnosed with depression at 26.


Later divorced.


Diagnosed with stage four malignant lymphoma at 52.

Found to have stage three colon cancer at 55.

Experienced chronic painful neuropathy at 59.


This is the kind of life I have lived.


 So I always thought,

“Why do bad things always happen to me?”


I always told myself, “think positive, think positive” but in truth, I was anything but.

I was very negative.


Just by entering “positive things” to this note every night


It made me realize that good things still happen,

that I can still be happy,

And that I should focus on the positive.


The only thing I regret is that I didn’t have this the two times I had cancer.


How much it would have helped when I was going through chemotherapy.


Let’s Spread Happy Note To All

At the moment, I have a sub-account in my twitter account, “Happy Note Friends”.


I am hoping that anyone visiting this page who is having a bad day can be uplifted by viewing this note.



Here is another reason that I included Happy Note as one of the contents.


It was especially for those who are struggling with their health issues.


Also for those who are struggling with ataxia, depression, or other illnesses for which the causes are not clear.


As well as for those who are a single parent, or those who are just having hard time.



I assume that many reading this blog all have some kind of issue.


I’m not 100% positive yet.


But I am sure it can help you deal with your feelings.


Why not try installing Happy Note?




December 4th, 2019


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